Kinda obsessed with uljjangs now >~<

17 February 1991
47kg; 166cm
Blood Type: B
(he is so freaking pretty!)

30 April 1988
60kg; 177cm
Blood Type: O
(Of cos, the legendary pretty face!)

OH. SAME SHIRT. okay, dont ask me why but i just happened save these pictures and JUST realised that they were wearing identical shirts after uploading them here. LOL.

January 1989
60kg; 180cm
Blood Type: A
(the faithful Busan pretty boy ;))

Will upload more ulzzang’s pictures here once im done watching all seasons! (heh, only uploading my favourite ones since this IS my blog after all :X)

–edit on 11 May 2012–

Okay…so i’ve roughly watched all seasons of Uljjang Shidae and… NAHS, not gonna upload anymore other Uljjang’s photos!
Shall upload more of Junyeon’s photos instead <3

-last update 10th May 2012, crazyoverwith.wp


4 comments on “☆Ulzzang☆

    • hahaha, i consider Kiseop as an idol~
      If i include Kiseop, i’d have to include Jaehyo and all the other ulljjangs-turned-idols too!

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