Q: Why did you start this blog?
A: Initially, this blog was only meant for lyrics of artists that I like. But somehow, I just began posting news, pictures and cyworld entries.

Q: Then can I request for English translations of lyrics/news/cyworld entries/Twitter?
A: Lyrics : Sure, but you’ll have to give me time to translate it :)
News: NO WAY >_< Korean news gives me headaches ;X I’m just a beginner in Korean, so most of the time, I hardly get what the article is talking about.
Cyworld & Twitter : Yupyup, as long as they’re not too long. But I can’t guarantee that I can translate it 100%!

Q: Can you post download links for all the songs then?
A: Pls support your favourite artists by buying their album! But if you really want it badly, leave your email address & the song you want, I’ll send you the songs.

Q: Can you give me the link to XXX’s Cyworld/ XXX’s Twitter?
A: If I have it, I’ll give you the link.

Q: How do you know if the Twitter/Cyworld is real or fake?
A: Cyworld : I have my way of knowing
Twitter: -See who the real accounts follow
-If they type in Korean, use Google Translator, if you can see all being spelt out nicely in English, it’s a faker
– Or you can just post the link to me via comments or Formspring, I’ll check it out for you :)

Q: Help me make a Cyworld account!
A: Seriously, find tutorials. Here’s one : jayfraser.com

Q: Why is this blog dead (and suddenly alive again)?
A: Ever since 19 April 2010, this blog had been 80% dead until end of 2011~ I’m trying my best to update this blog as frequently as possible and not let it die anymore ^-^

If you have anymore questions, ask them here/ Formspring  & I’ll add on to this page~

♥혜연 @crazyoverwith.wordpress.com

On 9 Feb 2012


4 comments on “♥About

  1. #I heart k-pop especially U-KISS # i hope this website will not die…….i hope you will not forget to post or upload…. always here to support your website…<3

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