MBLAQ ” We’re no longer afraid of variety programs” (26Apr)

‘Chic-dol’ MBLAQ have said “we’re no longer afraid of variety programs.”

MBLAQ have recently revealed on the recent CJ Premium TV Magazine Hello TV and “Talking About TV” Corner Interview that “now we’re no longer afraid to get ruined on variety programs.”

These boys, that have gotten used to variety programs through ‘Idol Army’s She’s Coming!’ have said “The funny thing is, now a days the thing that we hear most is not that we sing good or anything but people asking us why we’re so funny.”

MBLAQ have said, “At first when we started our broadcast activities we were honestly somewhat scared of ruining our bodies on a variety program rather than being on stage at a music program. However, after appearing on ‘Idol Army’ we were able to receive a lot of practice on variety programs and now we’re happy to give great laughter towards our fans.”

They, without hindering, revealed their new hope now by saying “While we’re already ruined we want to do a road variety such as ‘Family Outing.’” Especially member GO has said that he wants to appear on ‘Family Outing’ because, “You don’t have to worry about hair and makeup.”

Source: Newsen
Translation: mir-ified @AbsoluteMBLAQ.net
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