SuJu Cyworld – Heechul 1 Photo Entry (24Apr)

Fyah 2010.04.24 23:00

[I did a] radio show together with Korea’s best “Fyah”* gagman Park Myungsoo

The night before he hadn’t slept at all so he was tired but he brought a good time

Whenever he sees me

“What kind of kid is this”

“You’re an idol?!”

“You’re staff here?”**

“You’re worse than me”

Etc etc he speaks like a waterfall but

Ever since I first appeared on X-man he’s treated me well

How do I say it… [he’s] an attentive attentive attentive man that secretly takes care of others

He has a cynical bad-guy image but he’s really like the main character in a romance manhwa who’s preserved his innocence

Even when I was young when I watched The 5 Eagle Brothers, instead of the number 1 pigeon

I liked the number 2 crow more

Park Myungsoo hyung is like that crow

Park Myungsoo hyung is also like Mintaepoong in Dodgeball King

In Rurouni Kenshin I like Saito more than Kenshin

In Naruto, I like Itachi more than the main character Naruto and

In Duri, I liked Heedongie more than Duri

In Evangelion, I liked Kaoru more than Sinji

In The Ruler of the Land, I liked Unhakcheon Gongza more than Han Bikwang and

In Cowboy Bebop, I liked Vicious more than Spike

In Fushigi Yuugi I liked Yushim more than Yuki and

In Junji Ito’s manhwas, I liked Souichi’s Diary of Delights more than Tomie.


In One Piece I like Nami more than Luffy



*”Fyah” is Park Myungsoo’s single.
**Not sure about this = “너도 막하는구나” If you know what this means please let me know!
Also if there are errors in the character names of the manhwa/games above, please say so >_<

Source: Kim Heechul’s minihompy
Translated by ♥ jubee ♥ @
Take out with credit!


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