MBLAQ Cyworld – Seungho Sidebar Update + Diary Entry (30Apr)

Side bar update

Diary update –

    2010.04.30 Fri 23:53My grandfather who hated dyeing of hair… 

My grandfather who hated earrings..

My grandfather who would switch channels if he saw dancing or singing programs..

My grandfather who hated pizza and hamburgers..

My grandfather who hated writing with left hand..

My grandfather who would always take me along mountain climbing at dawn even though I was tired to death..

My grandfather who was like that, when I became a singer and when we appeared on TV

My grandfather who would look for me and watched on TV

Finally even when he was in the ICU he couldn’t talk

Because I came my grandfather who talked and smiled. My grandmother changed his IV drip and my aunt who gathered all the allowances from a notebook carefully, my grandfather smiled shyly.. My grandfather who was tall and had a big built.. Thank you for smiling to me and told me for the last time to be strong when I went to see him.. If he was around a while longer I would have been able to show him, me getting the first place, and I’m working hard.. My family and grandmother, I will succeed so, don’t worry! I will get first place and I will send it up to the sky to you^^

I love you grandfather I believe you’ll follow the angels and go up to Heaven..

From Yang family eldest son of the eldest son, Seungho

Please credit if taking out!
Source – Seungho’s cyworld
Translations – whatthecheryl @ absolute mblaq
ABM Blog Posted by: justpeachyx21 @ ABM


One comment on “MBLAQ Cyworld – Seungho Sidebar Update + Diary Entry (30Apr)

  1. seungho oppa don’t be sad…
    i know you love your grandfather so much…
    know your grand father see you in heaven,
    he know what you had to do…
    so don’t give up… :)
    always smile seung ho oppa :)
    naega jinca saranghae seung ho oppa,

    seung ho oppa hwaiting.. hwaiting..
    i always support your group and espcially you :D

    seung ho oppa


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