SS501 – ‘DESTINATION’ begin online reservation (19May)

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Group SS501 new album ‘DESTINATION’ comeback ahead in the music industry begins online reservations through online music shop from the 24th.

Holds many of the world Gold Disc, even arranged the music of the last ‘REBIRTH’ Album, American music producer STEVEN LEE has once again teamed with SS501 to advance this album to large world project.

Also, natural features of members before the concepts of the album pictorial and the world trend which turned into mature men with of European-style suits after the concepts of the pictorial, SPECIAL EDITION album will included an evil Sado masochistic (SM) concept in progress, and the NORMAL edition album will be able to see the variety charm features consists of SS501 with Black & White image transformation, no decoration, clean and intensity sexy look.

On July 24, online booking will start for the ‘SPECIAL EDITION’ version through online music store such as YES24, Kyobo Bookstore and Interpark and Aladdin, there is also a lottery signing event planning for customers who purchase through YES24 until the 28th.

Meanwhile, the new album of SS501 will be released at the end of May and on the 22nd will be the stage of Dream Concert beforehand.


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Here is the summary of the released news in this morning.

– Online music shops will be receiving pre-order for Destination from 24th of May.
– There are two editions of this comeback album.

[Special Edition] includes two kinds of picture book
– Before concept : Natural,
– After concept : Mature (will be wearing Europian style suit)

[Normal Edition] S&M concept
– White concept : natural & pure
– Black concept : strong & sexy

– They are planning to hold Fan signing on 28th of May for fans who is picked by lottery to purchase the album through Yes24.
– Their new album will be came out the end of May.

– DSP President is now under medical treatment.
– Our boy will wait for his recovery and then will have a discusion with him directly.
– The person who talked with SS501 recently said “Nothing is cleared. SS501 members are feeling heavy pressure for rumors about them.”
– SS501 will concentrate on their new album and will be back on 4th of June.


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