MBLAQ|Super Junior – LeeJoon’s Apparent Resemblance with Leeteuk?”Who Looks Like Who?” (100823)

SOURCE: Nate News
ABM blog post by liliceprincess @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon looking closer instead of looking like Rain (Jung JiHoon) looks more like Super Junior’s Leeteuk?

on August 21 on SBS “Star King”, the main topic became about Gain’s look-a-like Seo Yeseul(20) and received acknowledgment as Brown Eyed Girl’s Gain’s 95% look-a-like.

On this day the celebrties who were on panel after seen Gain’s look-a-like, went through a celebrity look-a-like verification.

First, Mighty Mouth’s Sangchoo (Lettuce) received understanding as soon as he said he looked similar to basketball genius Heojae. Miss A’s Fei was said to look like actress Kim Ahjoong by her fellow member Jia and because no one denied it, it was confirmed.

Also, Lee Joon, who gained much fame for looking like Rain, grabbed everyone’s attention by saying he looked more like Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk rather than Rain. That day when he stood side by side with him it was apparent that it wasn’t just their looks that were similar but their smiles were even similar that showed everyone that they almost looked like real brothers.

On the other hand, Jo Hyeryun said she looked similar to Ock Juhyun during the FinkL days and did Ock JuHyun’s promise me performance of their song Forever Love which received a storm of protest.

Meanwhile on this day of airing, Seo Yeseul brought out a cardboard cutout of Gain’s pretend husband Jokwon and performed a suggestive dance causing Gain’s mood to be bothered. Losing her patience, Gain took the Jokwon panel and toughly and went through with a risky surprise kiss attracting attention.


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