UKISS – Neverland MV Screencaps

Here’s some screencaps of Neverland MV! (Okay not some, there’s 45 in total. LOL)
Im Kevin biased sooooo there’ll be more individual screencaps of him ;X sorry! hehe

Shared by: HyeYeon @crazyoverwith. |Take out with credits! :)


2 comments on “UKISS – Neverland MV Screencaps

  1. Im hooked to ukiss and I’ve only just discovered them (in love already! xD)
    I dont exactly know whos who…. can you tell me whos who (from left to right) in each picture.

    Pretty please with Kevin ontop :D

    • hahaha! sureee! I’ll start from the bottom~
      2nd last picture is Dongho, 3rd last is Eli, 4th last the guy in the middle is Soohyun, 6th last is Kevin! the guy who appears the most in this post, lol. 10th last is AJ & Eli, 14th last is Kiseop!
      Oh dear, i cant find a picture in which Hoon is clear in ><
      Hope i kinda helped! ^^

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