[RANDOM] Block B – Facts About Members & Quotes (120225)

Sharing some facts posted by @followblockb HEPHAP (P)BBC

Zico is in charge of waking everyone up. #BlockBFacts

Taeil once slept in the bathtub until 4AM. He woke up bcs he was cold. #BlockBFacts

UKwon keeps his mother’s pic in his wallet. #BlockBFacts

B-Bomb has a habit going to sleep in one position and waking up in that same exact position. #BlockBFacts

Jaehyo’s hobby is collecting electronic equipment. #BlockBFacts

It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but Kyung decided to trust his elementary school friend Zico and join Block B. #BlockBFacts

Taeil’s idol is a group called 4Men. #BlockBFacts

According to the members, P.O is good at making up poses. #BlockBFacts

“Kyung always has to have his right hand up in his pictures no matter what” – Zico #BlockBQuotes

“My dream of becoming a rapper was because of Zico and Kyung hyung.” – P.O. #BlockBQuotes

“I think I’d have to choose Jaehyo as the member that doesn’t wash often.” -B-Bomb #BlockBQuotes

“I randomly auditioned for “Birth of a Great Star” and suddenly got picked.” – Taeil. #BlockBQuotes

“Jaehyo hyung normally has a higher voice tone but lowers it when he’s around female idols.” – Kyung #BlockBQuotes

“I want to learn how to compose and write lyrics.” – U-Kwon. #BlockBQuotes

“I focus more on body building as opposed to losing weight. I have abs! Bam!” – Jaehyo. #BlockBQuotes


Jaehyo : I like gentle women. Not women who hang outside a lot. Just gentle women.

Park Kyung : My ideal woman. Honestly speaking, I don’t look at physical features. Height? Don’t need it. Weight? Don’t need it. I just need a kind heart.

U-Kwon : As for me, I like women who look good with short cuts. I’m attracted to women with short hair.

Taeil : Specifically, I like actress Lee Young Ah

PO : I like cute girls. For example, 2NE1’s Sandara Park senior or f(x)’s Sulli senior.

Zico : For me, I like women with pretty legs and thighs. I really do like women with pretty legs and also girls that look good with long straight hair. And funny girls.

B-Bomb : My ideal girl is someone with cute dimples.

Cr: iloveyou_saranghae @ Asianfanfics

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