[RANDOM] Block B – Facts About Members (120306)

All credits goes to @FollowBlockB !

P.O thinks he looks like BIGBANG’s T.O.P with his glasses on but looks like Piglet with his glasses off.

Kyung thinks BBCs fell for his cuteness at his “Mami mami mami” part in the Freeze MV.

UKwon’s favourite times are 12PM and 6PM bcs both times are meal time.

According to Zico, his lower lip is his charm.

B-Bomb always help Taeil whenever Taeil had difficulty picking up some dance moves.

Taeil is stubborn and hates being woken up.

Block B chose Jaehyo as the member who would look best in drag and also with the best fashion sense.

Taeil trained with SECRET’s Jieun before.

B-Bomb used to train with INFINITE’s members.

Jaehyo used to train with B2ST’s members.

Zico used to train with his brother, Woo Taewoon, but doesnt want to debut in the same group with him.

P.O used to play soccer when he was younger.

Zico made his signature simpler so that he can sign BBCs’ album and poster faster and easier.

B-Bomb is the member that has the most secrets.

According to Jaehyo, his ‘Tell Them’ outfit is like a cabbage farmer’s.

Ukwon enjoys watching Japanese dramas.

Kyung briefly studied in Philippines when he was younger.

Kyung studied in USA for 1 year, and New Zealand for 2 years.

According to Kyung and Zico, B-Bomb is the member that interested in porn the most.

Taeil is a fan of 4Men.

Taeil’s ex-girlfriend was a musician.

Jaehyo has to take pills to relax his nerves before going on stage.

Jaehyo would give a girl a present every time he messed up.

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