Teen Top – UFO Replies (120313)

All credits goes to @oursupaluv!

Fan: I went to school please give a little hwaiting so that I’ll study hard! Hehe 
Niel: How was school??

Fan: (L.Joe) Oppa though you’re not tall you’re cool enough! ♥ 
L.Joe: ㅜI love you

Fan: (L.Joe) Byunghun ah ㅠㅠ I caught a cold after being in the rain on Sunday while taking photos of you ㅠI’m sick ㅜㅜ 
L.Joe: Aigoo.. Take some medicine put on 2 layers of blanket and sleep all the way ㅜ as you look at photos of me ♥

Fan: (C.A.P) Oppa will you… send me even a period…?
C.A.P: .

Fan: (C.A.P) I !!!!!!    …… like you oppa ya ^^ 
C.A.P: Then what’s the truth you’re hiding…

Fan: (C.A.P) Ich liebe dich This means I love you in German!! Hehe Oppa I love you~ 
C.A.P: But how do you pronounce that
L.Joe: (first reply): 314  
L.Joe: (second reply moments later): Ah I sent it wrongly ㅜ 143!!

Fan: (L.Joe) Byunghun I’m going crajee because of you~ ㅠ
L.Joe: Why so?

Fan: (L.Joe) Oppa 143 ♥ _Hyunji 
L.Joe: Me too 143! <3

Fan: (L.Joe) Oppa I’ve already sent my 26th message to you. ㅠ And 0 replies ㅠ 
L.Joe: 1 reply!!!!

Fan: Can you send a message saying Hyunmin ah fight on? ㅠㅠ
Chunji: Hyunmin ah fight on!

Fan: I’m at the Drama club now for an audition I’m shaking ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
C.A.P: (1st reply): You do drama? 
C.A.P: (2nd reply): Me too …

Fan: (L.Joe) Oppa you seem like a really nice guy ♥ ke I’m sorry to the other oppas keke 
L.Joe: Good!

Fan: (C.A.P) Oppa what are you doing now?? ke 
C.A.P: Make a guess

Fan: (C.A.P) C.A.Pyung~ I miss you how are you? 
C.A.P: I’m doing well

Fan: (L.Joe) Oppa my friends say I have a beautiful voice!!! Keke Don’t you want to hear my voice? Kekeke oppa~ ♥
L.Joe: 010….8
*all mobile phone numbers in Korea have the prefix of 010

Fan: (L.Joe & Changjo) Are the Jo brothers not going to send out any UFO replies…?
Changjo: Of course we are of course we are ing~~^^

Fan: I’m an outcast at school 
L.Joe: Don’t think that way! How about trying to approach your friends too? Come on ♥

Fan: (L.Joe) My dongsaengs and school seniors are telling me to study hard. Haah…
L.Joe: Oppa thinks so too

Fan: Hunnie Honey! You know that I love you right?? <3 
L.Joe: I do~ hehe

Fan: (L.Joe) I’m torn between Hunnie oppa and Channie oppa ㅠㅠ
L.Joe: Just think of me
[Sigh, totally understand how this fan feels]

Fan: It seemed really fun in Taiwan keke You’re going to do well in Korea too right?? 
Ricky: Hehehe Look forward to it~~

Fan: It’s hard to contact you these days ㅜHoney ㅜㅜ Even though you’re busy, you think of me a little? ♥ Work hard! 
L.Joe: Of course all the time

Fan: The Taiwan fanmeeting went well?! Don’t get hurt and come back to Korea ♥ Good night! 
Ricky: We did well and we’ve returned!! ^^

Fan: Oppa I tripped in school uniform as I was singing Crazy kekeke Please blow it to make it better ho!!!!! Keke ♥
L.Joe: Ho~ Don’t get hurt anymore

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