B.A.P – Teenage Magazine Interview May Issue (120422)

B.A.P had a really successful debut. How do you guys feel about that?
Yongguk: Our success comes from the support of our fans, so we’re really thankful that everyone likes our song, ‘Warrior’. We hope that they will continue to support us and we will take it as the drive for us to put up better performances in the future.

What was the most memorable thing about your debut?
Youngjae: Our first performance involved 3,000 fans and a huge venue. That was the most memorable thing to us.

Do you have any hidden talents that we do not know of?
Daehyun: I’ve the biggest appetite, so i eat the most. During our trainee days, when we were hungry from our practices, i could eat two full sets of hamburger meals.
Yongguk: I talk the slowest among the members.
Himchan: I’m not really sure if this can be considered as a hidden talent, but there was once when i was the emcee for an MTV programme. I hope i can develop this talent further.
Youngjae: I feel that i am the best talker of the group.
Jongup: I love working the hula hoop since young, so i’m very good at it.
Zelo: Beatbox.

Secret said that Himchan is the naughtiest of the group. How do you feel about that?
Himchan: Although i’m one fo the oldest in the group, I am also one of the most playful. I guess that’s because i talk a lot more than the others.

Define your ideal girl and tell us which Secret member fits the bill.
Youngjae: Jieun is the closest to my ideal type because i like cute and feminine girls with a beautiful voice. She has almost all the traits that i am looking for.
Himchan: My ideal type is a lady with motherly traits. There was a time when i emceed with Hyosung for the MTV programme and i found out that she is very motherly in many ways. She’s the cloest to my ideal type.

All of you have blonde hair. Do you think that it makes it a lot harder for fans to tell you boys apart?
Daehyun: We had many funny episodes regarding our blonde hair. Once at the airport, a fan who prepared a gift for Himchan gave it to another member by mistake and took it back later. Sometimes just for the fun of it, we will purposely hide our faces, making it harder for fans to differentiate us.

What was the most memorable fan experience?
Daehyun: There was once when we shot a programme in Korea and a 30 year old fan from Singapore asked if she could call us Oppa even though she is older than us. We saw her at the airport yesterday and it was a pity we couldn’t greet her properly.

Credits: Teenage Magazine
Typed & Shared by: crazyoverwith.wp


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