BEAST – Teenage Magazine Interview May Issue (120422)

Music Matters

Holding a world tour is…
Gikwang: It’s been barely three years since our debut and we’re all really happy to be able to have a world tour, and even though sometimes we feel that it is a little too soon, we take it as a challenge.

The performance most difficult to execute is…
Junhyung: There’s no single one performance that is the most difficult to execute becuase we feel that every performance has a level of challenge involved in it. So whether it’s a solo or a duet, we always put up the best show we can.

To come back for a concert in Singapore is…
Dongwoon: We were in Singapore for a fan meeting last year, and it’s already been a whole year since, so we’re really happy and honoured to have our first full-fledged concert in Singapore after a year. This time, we have come back with new songs and new title tracks for our fans!

Boy Stuff

The individual charms of members…
Hyunseung: Dongwoon has the perfect look, visually. Gikwang has a perfectly toned body. Yoseob has this cuteness about him that no one can resist! [A/N: I AGREE OMG HAHAHAA]
Yoseob: It is true that i have a unique cuteness to me! And i am very thankful that so many people think of this cuteness as my charm.

Secret to keeping fit is…
Yoseob: We don’t really have time for a fixed, regular exercise regime, but we always try to eat regularly, get enough rest and sleep to keep our fitness top notch.

Picking up Chinese was…
Dongwoon: I learned Chinese when i was in high school, it was part of my major! That’s how i picked it up, but i have already forgotten some of it now. But if our fans want me to, i’m always ready to sing a Mandarin song for them! {In Mandarin) Hi everyone, my name is Dong Woon and i’m 22 this year. My hobbies are playing the piano and singing. Thanks everyone, i’m very happy. I love you all!

Fan Fare

Singapore is…
Doojoon: Although Singapore is a small country, there are a lot of fans supporting BEAST, and we’re really surprised by that!

Fans from different countries are…
Dongwoon: Even though we can’t speak the languages of all the countries we visit, we feel the love and support we receive across countries are the same; there isn’t too big a difference. To us, each and every fan is memorable and we’re looking forward to meeting more in Singapore.

The most beautiful moment is…
Yoseob: I can’t really pinpoint one. But if we’re talking about a beautiful scene, we think the sight of our fans filling up the entire auditorium is the most beautiful of all.

Message for Singapore fans…
Hyunseung: We know that our Singapore fans have been waiting for a full=fledged concert and to reward the long wait, we have prepared an awesome show with lots of interesting performances. We hope that all fans at the concert would have fun with us!

Credits: Teenage Magazine
Typed & Shared by: crazyoverwith.wp


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