Secret – Teenage Magazine Interview May Issue (120422)

Welcome to Singapore! What is your impression of the city and fans?
Secret: Since young, we’ve heard that Singapore is a very beautiful and clean city. When we arrived at the airport, we were really surprised by the number of fans who were there to welcome us. We’re really thankful and happy to be here. We’re looking forward to visiting Marina Bay Sands because we’ve heard so much about it.

You girls have visited a couple of countries during your promotional tours. What was your most memorable fan encounter?
Secret: We’re really touched by all the handwritten fan letters we’ve received., especially foreign fans who wrote to us in Korean.

You girls are well-known for your sexy dance moves. How long does it take for you to learn a new routine?
Secret: Before we come out with a new album, we really put in a lot of effort in practising the new choreography. It can take up to 24 hours and that is necessary for us to put up amazing performances for our fans.

How does it feel to bring your juniors, B.A.P, along on your promotional trips? Is it a lot more fun or stressful?
Secret: We don’t feel stressed at all. B.A.P gave us extra support because we’re usually alone when we go overseas for promotional trips. It’s a lot more fun with them around. They are a really hardworking rookie group so we hope that we’ll have a lot more opportunities to perform together around.

Who is the naughtiest member of B.A.P?
Secret: The members of B.A.P are usually toned down and quiet. But the naughtiest among them is Himchan. He was the emcee for an MTV show, so maybe he’s trying to show off what he has learned from the experience.

With your busy schedule, how do you keep your figures in check?
Secret: During our promotional tours, we will try to watch our diet and work out as much as we can. Usually before we release a new album, we’re required to master the new dance choreography and that helps us to work out indirectly.

Given that your group’s name is Secret, which member has the most secrets and which member cannot keep a secret?
Secret: This is the hardest question to answer even though we’ve been asked about this a few times – we’ve already revealed all our secrets! This is especially so for Hyosung. Everyone knows that she has flat feet and all of her teeth can be seen when she smiles (laughs). We don’t like to keep secrets from others, so we’ll try to reveal everything we can and right now the whole world knows all of our secrets, so maybe we should change our group name to something else?

Credits: Teenage Magazine
Typed & Shared by: crazyoverwith.wp


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