Concerts – Boyz Nite Out Fancams (120615)

Sorry for the late post but here are the fancams i took!

And for the pictures, I’ve uploaded them at my Facebook account!!/media/set/?set=a.10150903270628492.423011.636978491&type=1

Credit to crazyoverwith.wp / @hyeyeonika if you’re taking anything out!

Fan-service that i got:

  • Key smiled at me!! Eye smile somemore ;___;
  •’s Jonghyun freaking pointed right at me when they were singing TMAX’s Paradise. I was too shocked to react and just waved my lightstick frantically back at him. I think he was disappointed (?) that my reaction wasn’t big. But i found the fancam! ; 0:36 was the moment he spotted me, smiling to him while waving my lightstick. That’s why i was so shocked when he pointed at me cos i seriously didn’t do anything to get his attention ;___; (regretting it big time nowww)
  • Minor ones like Changjo, Ricky looking at my direction and Ljoe looked at my camera in one of the videos that i took, Jinyoung and Gongchan waving to my direction AND i managed to snap a picture of that (my biases ;___;)
  • In NMPOY, RICKY ACTUALLY POINTED AT ME OHGOSH. But the babo me was staring at l.joe practically the entire time so i didn’t notice until i looked at my fancam and focused on Ricky. /slaps self

Enjoy the fancams (sorry about the screamings and awful singing if you happen to hear any of them) & pictures!


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