Its been a long time…

So sorry for letting this blog die for so many years..

and nope, i’m not here to revive it back sadly..

this website will be kept for all the oldies’ lyrics instead, back when the K-wave just started


thank you for loving crazyoverwith for so many years!


List of Lyrics to be updated soon!

❤Finding the following 가사:

  1. Irresistible Lips [BTOB]
  2. Bad Person, Still Again [100%]
  3. Stop Girl, Sexy Baby, Time to Go [UKISS]
  4. Nillili Mambo, Mental Breaker, Romantically (Dreams Come True), No Joke, Movie’s Over, Where are you at [Block B]
  5. Ice Cream, Don’t Fall Apart, Unripe Apple, To My Boyfriend, Very Hot [HyunA]
  6. Yes Sir, Stop It [B.A.P]
  7. Talk That [SECRET]
  8. Caffeine, Even Then,I, Just do what you always do, Look at me now, You don’t know [Yoseob]
  9. Battle Royal, I’ll Treat You Better Next Time, SAM, Never, Cocks, No Limit [ZICO]
  10. Dancing Queen, I Got A Boy[SNSD]

☆MV Screencaps:

  1. No Mercy [B.A.P]
  2. Beautiful Night [BEAST]
  3. Be Ma Girl [Teen Top]
  4. WOW [BTOB]

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[Announcement] 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ♥


ite been a year already since i’ve set up this kpop blog!

227,166 ROCKERRS on 23rd July 2010, 10:24 KST

i really appreciate all the thanks and comments you guys have given me so far (:

and i’m really sorry that i can’t keep this blog up and running actively.

i’ll still try to update as and when i can!

you guys!

and of cos kpop :D

♫ Semi-Hiatus Notice ♫

안녕하세요! / Hello!

Tomorrow is the Lunar New Year,so I may not be very active in updating blog  until… wednesday/thursday?

But I’ll still try my best to update everyday :D


-gets excited for the angpaos-

하하! 안녕!