Many thanks to :

SGTripleS OneTVXQForum Aff(x)tion Forum Prismatic 7 KARAholic SHINee Forum Lady Collection Diadem5 4Minutes Soshified ♥ YGLadies  SecretFour 2ONEDAY UKissSG &many other more forums 

aheeyah.com jpopasia.com  justsomelyrics.comdbskarchives.blogspot.comwowlyrics.com seeklyrics.com metrolyrics.com lyricsreg.com popular-lyrics.com 6lyrics.com lyricsmode.com absolutelyrics.com elyrics.net lyriczz.commusic.cyworld.com

complicatedme93 @ YouTube ; which is me, i made the audio videos :)  Youtubers :)

If I have forgotten to credit anyone, please let me know cos i’m rather forgetful ! 

&visit http://www.shopopaluz.com for shopping heaven!


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