*SHINee (샤이니)*



About each member~ :

Credits : Yahoo!Image Search & Wikipedia

Done by : 혜연 @ crazyoverwith.wp


17 comments on “SHINee

  1. Although im not Korean, and I cant speak Korean. I love Shinee!!! Jonghyun and Taemin are the hottest Korean boys I have ever seen!!!
    I love Taemin’s dancing in Lucifer escpecially and Jonghyun has an amazing voice! I LOVE SHINEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i love shinee so much especially minho!! i love their songs too!! saranghae minho!! saranghae shinee!!! hwaiting!!!

  3. i love shinee too!!!!!!!!!!! im not korean! and dont know the language! but for some reason the musice speaks to me!! and i idk why but i have the hugest crush on taemin!!!!! i love him! :) i love how he looks when he dyes his hair red! i even dyed mine hahaha :)

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