4Minute Lyrics

4Minute :

  1. A Bitter Day [HyunA, G.NA, Junhyung]
  2. Attention [HyunA Solo]
  3. Badly
  4. Black Cat
  5. Bubble Pop [HyunA Solo]
  6. Chaos A.D
  7. Change (HyunA)
  8. Downtown [HyunA Solo]
  9. Femme Fatale
  10. First (Korean)
  11. Get on the Floor
  12. Huh (Hit Your Heart)
  13. Hot Issue
  14. I’m OK
  15. I Me My Mine
  16. Invitation
  17. Just Follow [HyunA feat. Block B’s Zico ver.]
  18. Mirror Mirror
  19. Muzik
  20. Over and Over
  21. Say My Name
  22. Shameless Lie (Lie to Me OST) [Heo Ga Yoon Solo]
  23. Superstar
  24. Volume Up
  25. What A Girl Wants
  26. Who’s Next

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