After School Lyrics

✔ = with videos

After School :

  1. Ah ✔
  2. Aing~ [Orange Caramel]
  3. Bang!
  4. Bangkok City [Orange Caramel]
  5. Because of You
  6. Come Back You Bad Person [Kahi Solo]
  7. Diva
  8. Flashback
  9. Hollywood [After School- Red]
  10. In the Night Sky [After School- Red]
  11. Lady [After School- Blue]
  12. Leaning Against Time (시간에 기대어) [Raina Solo]
  13. Lipstick [Orange Caramel]
  14. Magic Girl [Orange Caramel]
  15. One Love [Orange Caramel]
  16. One Love [Kahi]
  17. Playgirlz  ✔
  18. Roller Coaster [Kahi]
  19. Shampoo
  20. Shanghai Romance [Orange Caramel]
  21. Standing in this Place [Orange Caramel]
  22. The Day You Went Away – Chinese [Orange Caramel]

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