F.T.Island Lyrics

F.T Island:

  1. After Love
  2. Bad Woman
  3. Boy Meets Girl
  4. Cling
  5. Don’t Love
  6. Even Had Lost A Friend
  7. Even If It’s Not Necessary
  8. Heartache (상심)
  9. Heaven
  10. Hello Hello
  11. I’m A Foolish Person
  12. I’m Going To Have You
  13. I Don’t Know How To Love
  14. I Love You and I Love You [Oh Won Bin]
  15. I Hope
  16. I Wish
  17. Lie
  18. Love Sick
  19. Love Letter (F.T Triple)
  20. Loving You(Neoreul Saranghae)
  21. Marry Me
  22. Missing U
  23. Severely
  24. Still (As Ever) [You’re Beautiful OST]
  25. Stay With Me
  26. Thunder
  27. Tears Are Falling
  28. Until You Return
  29. We Hope To Be Lovers
  30. What Can I Do
  31. You Don’t Know My Feelings

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