T-Ara Lyrics


  1. Apple Is A
  2. Beautiful Girl [Hyomin]
  3. Bo Peep Bo Peep
  4. Bye Bye
  5. Cry Cry 
  6. Day and Night (Ahreum, Gavy NJ, Shannon)
  7. Day by Day
  8. Don’t Leave
  9. Falling U
  10. Go Crazy Because of You
  11. Good Person
  12. Goodbye Ok
  13. Holiday
  14. Hue
  15. I Don’t Know
  16. I’m Okay
  17. I’m Really Hurt
  18. I’m So Bad
  19. Lies
  20. Like the First Time
  21. Love Play
  22. Lovey Dovey
  23. Ma Boo
  24. One&One
  25. Page One [Soyeon & Ock Ju Hyun; Coffee House OST]
  26. Roly Poly
  27. Sexy Love
  28. (Time To Love) Listen 2 (with Supernova)
  29. Tic Tic Toc
  30. TTL (Time To Love)
  31. Wanna Play
  32. We Were in Love (with Davichi)
  33. White [Eunjung Solo]
  34. Why Are You Being Like This
  35. Ya Ya Ya
  36. You You You (Say Goodbye) 

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