Here’s the page whereby you can request for any tweet trans of any idols OR the group that you want me to make a profile for OR lyrics translation.

You can also comment on my blog like how i can improve it or you can just comment [good/bad comments welcomed!] :)

Thanks for visiting! q(^_^)p



  • SJ & UKISS Facts – jenikka [100910]

  • Super Junior’s Here We Go {Lyrics Translation} – Mandy [101008] Completed on 120317
  • MyName & B1A4 Facts |Lyrics Completed on 120321– kpoplolipop [111123]

  • LED Apple – Meet Occasionally Lyrics – Michelle [120310]


33 comments on “♥Requests/Comments

  1. Hey, I can make a request here, right?
    You see, there’s a new account on twitter going by the name of jaejin63 and i dunno whether it’s fake or real..><
    I dunno how you do it, but could you do me a favor and check if it's real or not?

  2. Hey.. could I just ask how you find their cyworlds?
    Like U-Kiss,FT Island, MBLAQ, etc?
    I can’t find any =(

    In advance, thanks ^_^ ~

    • FT Island’s Cyworld is private, i find their entries via soompi :)
      MBLAQ’s Cyworld links can be found easily actually,but i go to ABM forums to get their latest entries~
      UKISS’s Cyworld entries are also found in their forums,but i have some of their links too~

    • you have to go to Suju’s Official homepage i guess. But if i’m not wrong, its not opened to non-koreans. There’s like a specific period of time whereby international fans can join the fanclub.

  3. ……………”””””’aneong aseo”””’…….. naeirumun haezel imnida….
    i love kevin very much……saranghe kevin… love yah…sunbae…+)

  4. Thanks for this site ^-^ its saved my life tons! i hope u guys translate super junior’s here we go to english SOON! THANK YOU! <3

    • hey sweetie, its only one person handling this whole site~ I’ll try to translate SuJu’s Here We Go & BEAST’s Mastermind when i’m free aye? :)

      • Oh my! :O well, thank you for your effort! and certainly (: Take your time! I’m in no rush for it! ;D
        Thanks again (L)

  5. your blog is so amazing :)
    I like it
    can I request some lyric here ?
    “be mine japanese version” by infinite
    thank’s before :D

  6. Can you please translate zico ft jung seul gi song?? Its all act and acquintance :)
    I will be so thanksful to you


    And my comment for ur blog

    Your blog is so awesome

  7. Hello! Can I request lyrics for To the Beatiful You OSTs? (:
    – It’s me (Sang by Sunny and Luna)
    – In your eyes (Sang by Onew)
    – Nearer (Sang by Taeyeon)
    – To the beautiful you (Sang by Kyuhyun and Tiffany)
    – Butterfly (Sang by Jessica and Krystal)
    – For this love (Sang by Cross Gene)

  8. I would like to request for the lyrics of these songs:
    – B.A.P: Crash , I Remember(With Daehyun)
    – B1A4: Sleep Well,Goodnight
    – C-Real: Sorry But I
    – Cross Gene: For This Love
    – Jessica(SNSD) & Krystal(f(x)): Butterfly
    – Kyuhyun(SJ) & Tiffany(SNSD): To The Beautiful You
    – Phantom: Burning
    – Sunny(SNSD) & Luna(f(x)): It’s Me
    – Taeyeon(SNSD): Closer
    – U-Kiss: Cinderella
    – ZE:A: Phoenix
    There’s a lot but you can take your time. I’m not in a hurry for those lyrics. (:

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